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The aerospace industry commands the highest level of quality and safety requirement. Yet, the quality systems across major aircraft OEMs are not standardised, as each OEM has been managing its supply chain in a very closed and customized ecosystem. However, the rapid expansion of the industry has led to openness, and new entrants are joining the aerospace industry supply chain. 


Quality and safety in the automotive industry are absolutely crucial. ACCU is a world leader in quality services for the automotive industry. Many of the world’s largest companies in the automotive industry have utilised ACCU’s services. 


Consumer Goods

Many international buyers source consumer goods from low-cost manufacturing countries in South-East Asia. The buyers include branded labels, traders and retailers around the world. 

Electronics and Telecoms

Electronics and telecoms are high value complex items. Complying to quality and industry standards is critical for functionality and marketability. ACCU is a leader in quality control on electronics and telecom products, and has served many of the world’s top electronics and telecoms companies. 


Industrial Manufacturing

ACCU serves many international companies from different industrial manufacturing sectors, such as elevators, heavy machinery, and rail. ACCU provides certification consulting and training to industrial manufacturing customers on systems and standards including:

Medical Equipment and Devices

ACCU helps medical device and equipment companies build quality systems, centering around certification. consulting and training of ISO13485. Furthermore, the company provides Authorized European Representatives to OEMs that are selling into Europe


Software and Internet

Software and the internet are penetrating all sectors of OEM products and systems. Coding quality, deployment and maintenance, and data security are all deeply affecting the performance of OEMs. ACCU helps software and internet companies become established suppliers in the automotive industry by advising on the adoption of Automotive SPICE, supporting automotive software suppliers in solving quality incidents by advising in software 8D

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