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Management Consulting and Training Service

Help you easily achieve high quality development of global operations management

Management Consulting and Training Service

ACCU has engaged in strategic cooperation with globally authoritative quality institutions such as TUV, VDA, SMMT, and Method Park to jointly develop advanced quality management methods and courses. Based on ample industrial practice, it provides enterprises with professional consulting and training in quality to improve the quality management level of enterprises on all fronts.


Consulting in quality management

● Consulting in quality strategy management

● Consulting in quality system management

● Consulting in supply chain quality management

● Consulting in supplier quality management

Courses for aviation industry


● AS13000 – 8D Problem Solving - Authorized by SMMT
● AAS9145 – APQP and PPAP Practice Course - Authorized by SMMT
● AS13004 – FMEA Elements in Design and Process – Authorized by SMMT


● AS13004 – PFMEA and Control Plan Elements – Authorized by SMMT
● AS13003 – MSA Practice Course – Authorized by SMMT
● AS13006 – Process Control Method Practice Course – Authorized by SMMT




Courses for general industries


● ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
● ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
● ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
● 8D - Problem Solving
● VDA6.3 Process Audit - Authorized by TUV-Saar
● VDA6.5 Product Audit
● 6Sigma Green Belt

● 66Sigma Black Belt
● DOE Advanced Experimental Design
● Engineering Statistics and MINITAB Application Training
● Engineering Statistics
● Total Quality Management (TQM)
● Lean Production
● 5S and Visual Management
● Seven Measures for New and Old QC


● Layered Audit

● Project Management

● Management Skill Improvement for Outstanding Team Leaders

● Risks and Opportunities

● Quality Cost Management


 Courses for automotive industry


● VW PSB Safety Officer
● VW Two-Day Production Audit
● Ford Q1
● 8D - Problem Solving
● VDA6.3 Process Audit - Authorized by TUV-Saar
● VDA6.5 Product Audit
● CQI-9 Heat Treatment System Assessment

● CQI-11 Electroplating System Evaluation
● CQI-15 Welding System Evaluation
● ISO 26262 Functional Safety Standards
● Layered Audit
● Project Management
● Integrated Application of Five Tools (APQP/FMEA/PPAP/SPC/MSA) - Authorized by SMMT
● APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning - Authorized by SMMT

● FMEA - Potential Failure Mode Analysis (new) - Authorized by SMMT

● MSA - Measurement System Analysis - Authorized by SMMT

● SPC - Statistical Process Control - Authorized by SMMT

● PPAP - Production Part Approval Process - Authorized by SMMT



● IATF 16949: 2016 Automotive Industry Quality Management System - Authorized by TUV-Saar



Consulting and training in global business management



Consulting in Strategic Settlement            

Consulting in Human Resources

Consulting in Overseas Investment      

Consulting in Financial Management

Consulting in Organizational Design

Consulting in Legal Compliance


Globalization and International Business Environment             

Organizational Design and Management of Multinational Corporations

Design and Management of Talent Incentive System

International Accounting and Financial Management

Risk Control in Transnational Legal Governance Structure

Choice of Routes and Traps in Overseas Investment

Global Knowledge Management and File Management

Interpretation of Overseas Employment Policy

Design of Risk Control System for Multinational Financial Management

Quick Start for the Use of Minority Language in Daily Business


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