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  ACCU Group, a leading global provider of management consulting and total quality solutions, was founded in 2004 as a multinational service group with global operations headquartered in China and subsidiaries and offices in over 30 countries and regions worldwide, employing over 1,000 people worldwide, including over 400 expatriate employees, over 600 professional quality technicians and a team of The team of consultants and training experts exceeds 50.
      ACCU Group is committed to building a leading global service platform, relying on its global warehouse and after-sales service centre as the core carrier, and providing total solutions for many industries in the global smart manufacturing supply chain through its self-developed TQS cloud data platform application. It is the first quality management company in China to serve the world's top automotive brands and is the world's leading company with successful implementation experience in providing quality consulting solutions for the new energy and pure electric vehicle industry.
      ACCU has a strategic partnership with international quality standards authorities TUV, VDA and SMMT to jointly research and develop advanced quality management methods and courses, and to help companies provide consulting and training in the professional field of quality based on rich industry practices, to improve the overall quality management level of enterprises, and to promote the construction of a global intelligent supply chain with quality.
      ACCU Group started its internationalization in 2008 and has accumulated rich experience in overseas operations and localization through more than 10 years of overseas expansion. With the "One Belt, One Road" strategy proposed by the state, more and more Chinese enterprises are going abroad. ACCU Group has built a one-stop landing service platform for cross-border operations by leveraging its international business advantages and mature cross-cultural professional team, helping Chinese enterprises to go abroad by providing consulting, training, research, professional consultancy and landing security solutions. ACCU provides consulting, training, research, professional consultancy and total solutions for Chinese enterprises to go abroad.
      ACCU Group has provided professional and efficient services to more than 20,000 enterprises around the world in dozens of industries such as new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, electromechanical equipment, software system applications, intelligent manufacturing, etc. It has also become the designated partner of internationally renowned companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Azera, Ideal, Xiaopeng, Ningde Times, LG, Apple and Samsung.


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