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  The aerospace industry commands the highest level of quality and safety requirement. Yet, the quality systems across major aircraft OEMs are not standardised, as each OEM has been managing its supply chain in a very closed and customized ecosystem. However, the rapid expansion of the industry has led to openness, and new entrants are joining the aerospace industry supply chain. Nevertheless, a comprehensive and sophisticated common quality system is urgently needed.
  Combining our expertise in the automotive and electronics industries, ACCU is training and consulting aerospace OEMs and their suppliers with essential system knowledge and practical quality management techniques including, but not limited to the following:
  AS13004: Design and Process FMEA Essentials
  AS13004: PFMEA and Control Plan Essentials for Aerospace
  AS13003: MSA Essentials for Aerospace
  AS13000: 8D Problem Solving
  AS9145: APQP and PPAP Essentials
  AS9145: APQP Essentials for Aerospace
  AS9145: PPAP Essentials for Aerospace
  AS9103: SPC Essentials for Aerospace
  ACCU can also provide quality assurance for aerospace OEMs and suppliers with:
  Sorting and Containment
  Quality Gate Inspection
  Controlled Shipment Levels (CSL) 1,2,3
  Pre-shipment Inspection
  Shipment Loading Supervision
  Rework and Repair
  On-Premises Quality Assurance Center Management
  On-Premises Quality Transition Center Management (Total Quality Assurance with Reverse Logistics and Buffer Supply)

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