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Our Culture

Our Culture

Our vision is to build a world leading technology service platform
Our mission Our mission is to push forward human progress, continuously provide our clients with satisfactory and professional services, make room for employees to achieve self-worth, and take the initiative to assume social responsibility.
Our values client first, integrity & responsibility, embrace change, never give up, profession & efficiency, cooperation for win-win
Quality Principles

Growth Concept
Article 1 The new growth area we enter should be conducive to upgrading the core technology level of the company, utilizing the comprehensive advantages of company resources, and driving the company's overall expansion. To avoid major risks, we have to follow the general trend of technological development, market change and social development.
Article 2 Opportunities, talents, technologies and products are major drivers of company growth. These four forces interact with each other. Opportunities attract talents, talents advance technologies, technologies drive products, and products bring more opportunities. By intensifying the connection between these four forces and promoting the benign circulation in them, the company will grow at a faster speed.
Article 3 We pursue maximum growth upon a certain profit rate. We must maintain a growth speed higher than the industrial average and than that of major competitors in the industry, so as to make the company more vigorous, attract brilliant talents and achieve optimal allocation of various operation resources in the company.
Article 4 We expand not only in scale, but in quality. Therefore, the company management must be wary of the vulnerabilities and hidden shortcoming possibly brought about by long-term fast growth, and must apply effective management on growth. While driving the company to grow into a large-scaled enterprise, more managerial efforts must be made to promote the company to become more flexible and efficient. The balance must always be maintained between a momentum maker and a doer.
Business Philosophy
First, we need to create the brand of ACCU by learning advantages and blazing our own trail of profession.
Second, ACCU must become the company preferred by clients, loved by employees and respected by the society.
Third, ACCU must operate in an honest, efficient and responsible way.
Fourth, technical research, development and innovation is the inexhaustible fuel of ACCU.
Fifth, simplified organization, democratic deliberation, scientific decision making, all-covered performance management, real-time information and communication.
Sixth, we need to stay alert in prosperity, maintain the spirit of startups, and lead the way of advancement.
Seventh, ACCU is characterized by five “mosts”:
1. The technical service company with the most stable service quality.
2. The technical service company with the widest global coverage.
3. The technical service company with the most distinctive corporate culture.
4. The technical service company with the best innovation capability.
5. The technical service company with the largest technological reserve.
Value Distribution
The basic principles of our value distribution are efficiency first, fairness followed and sustainable development. We cling to the law of value and sticks to the truth. We have introduced the market pressure from the outside and the mechanism of fair competition, established and continuously improved a fair and objective value evaluation system, so as to accomplishing a virtually reasonable value distribution system. The ultimate measure for the rationality of value distribution is the competitiveness and achievement of the company, as well as the morale and sense of belonging of all employees.

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