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Global Quality Relay Center

Global Quality Relay Center

Promote the construction of global smart supply chain with quality


Quality safety gate

Establish emergency containment and set up a safety door for quality accidents occurring on clients’ products, ensure products are acceptable for release so as to guarantee the production


Containment and management of nonconforming products

ACCU ensures 7/24 response and guarantees to reach client site and start working within 4 hours.


Problem detection and failure analysis

Identify, evaluate, and prioritize potential defects and their effects. Identify actions that prevent or reduce the occurrence of these defects.


Supplier review and quality improvement

Conduct flight audit on suppliers’ factories and provide audit reports; help suppliers improve quality of lean manufacturing, process improvement and management optimization by means of quality tool analysis.


Cross-border warehousing and logistics service

Provide clients with cross-border logistics and warehousing service, help them reduce operation cost and save efforts in management according to their demands.


Improvement training on supplier skill

Improvement training on quality tools
Improvement training on detection tools

Improvement training on quality system

Improvement training on management process


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