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Industrial Manufacturing


  ACCU serves many international companies from different industrial manufacturing sectors, such as elevators, heavy machinery, and rail. ACCU provides certification consulting and training to industrial manufacturing customers on systems and standards including:
  ISO 9001: Quality management system within the range of ISO9000 standards
  ISO 27001: Information Security management system
  ISO 14001: Environmental management system
  ISO 45001: Health and Safety management system
  6 Sigma: Quality-control method to work faster with fewer mistakes (no more than 3.4 occurrences per million)
  Lean Manufacturing: A systematic method used for eliminating waste within the manufacturing system
  ACCU also provides quality assurance for industrial manufacturing customers with:
  Sorting and Containment
  Quality Gate Inspection
  Controlled Shipment Levels (CSL) 1,2,3
  Pre-shipment Inspection
  Shipment Loading Supervision
  Rework and Repair
  On-Premises Quality Assurance Center Management
  On-Premises Quality Transition Center Management (Total Quality Assurance with Reverse Logistics and Buffer Supply)

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