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AccuGroup, a leading global supply chain quality solution provider signs a commercial collaboration with Taraxa to use provide more transparency for its customers
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ACCU first "meeting with teachers" ended successfully
  At the beginning of the conference, general manager shao, on behalf of the senior management of the group, extended warm congratulations and sympathy to the new employees. Shao stressed that "yagi g
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Under the new situation of international trade, the seminar on enterprise overseas development was held successfully
  July 23 afternoon, by the suzhou industrial park, trade in services and service outsourcing association, ACCU flag group support, the overseas investment service platform, the enterprise development
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ACCU and SISO held a signing ceremony for the development and certification of quality management professional courses
On the afternoon of May 21st, yagi group and suzhou industrial park service outsourcing vocational college held a contract signing ceremony and course development seminar for quality management
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ACCU holds the 2019 qiandao lake triathlon expansion group building
From April 27 to 28, several buses loaded with young friends forced to get up early in the morning and drove away from the ya-qi building. In a sleepy mood, ACCU ya-qi group started to build th
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The first quarter of ACCU Asia Pacific conference in 2019 has come to a successful conclusion
  In another year of "spring comes to the river as green as blue", ya-qi soldiers who are fighting in the battle of Asia Pacific gather at the headquarters in suzhou, the ancient city of wen wan, on A
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