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Supplier management strategy - e-commerce industry
Supplier management strategy is the core of the entire enterprise procurement system, and supplier management strategy planning is directly related to the operation of the entire enterprise. With the development of e-commerce industry, e-commerce enterprises are faced with increasingly complex product categories, quality control requirements and customer demands, and the importance of supplier management strategy is increasingly prominent. In order to avoid product quality fluctuations of e-commerce platforms, supplier management costs increase.
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Process improvement - elevator industry
  Process management belongs to the category of production technology management, which takes the production process of products as the main management object. Managers often encounter some problems i
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Warehouse management improvement
  Warehouse is an important link in the enterprise logistics supply chain and is the key link in modern logistics. In the process of warehouse management activities, a lot of warehouse logistics infor
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Factory inspection
  Many companies want the management systems of suppliers to meet certain requirements in quality, social responsibility (human rights), counter-terrorism and other aspects, so before placing orders, they will entrust our company to carry on the factory inspection to check the factory condition. After confirming that the factory supplier's process, quality assurance system and other aspects can meet the customer's requirements, the factory can be included in the list of qualified suppliers, order will be placed and long-term cooperation will be carried out.
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Sorting program of auto industry
  It serves multiple production lines of the engine factory, and its functions include
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Supplier management of the bus industry
  Improve the supplier capability of the bus industry, including quality improvement capability and quality assurance system, such as
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